In most cases people are searching or using network marketing because it is a flexible business opportunity that can be done for any amount of time.  A lot of people use it for part-time work or side income.  Where you may not know what Network Marketing or MLM means, we bet you will know exactly what it is once we mention some of the biggest Network Marketing companies in the world.

Perhaps you have heard of Mary Kay, Avon, or have been invited to a Tupperware Party?  These are Network Marketing Companies where they have products and you sell them for them; whenever you want, wherever you want, and however you want.  A lot of people, in this time of technology, choose to do it online or through e-commerce websites where others are natural salesmen or saleswomen and prefer to do it person.  Others have even chosen to do cold calling on the phone.  Whatever it is you are comfortable with is how you can sell their products; one of the biggest appeals to people selling as Network Marketers.

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