Starting Your Own MLM

If you are trying to start your own Network Marketing or Multi Level Marketing Company, you will want to make sure you follow our steps to ensure you do not fall on your face like we did.  Our staff has set aside these steps to help you get going and to help with any confusion while helping you avoid the mistakes that we made with our company.

The best way to get anywhere in life, and business, is to choose a great mentor.  With Network Marketing and MLM there is definitely someone online that you can utilize as a mentor to help you get rolling.  Chances are that you have been recruited by someone to get into the line of work so it may be best to use them as your starting mentor.  This mentor, or coach, will help you get through all of the early stages to ensure you get rolling on the right foot.  Your success does benefit them so they will be doing their best to make sure you are doing okay.  The more successful you are, the more money your mentor makes; this helps ensure that everyone is helping to the best of their ability.

Leveraging Your Mentor

Your mentor will help point you to some products and companies that they know work for them.  Your job is to sell these products online (or in person if you want) so mentoryou want to make sure you trust the product and know it well.  You are essentially a rep for the product.  Get all of the knowledge you can and feel free to do research into other products that your mentor may not know about.

Your product company will have meetings and training calls to help spread knowledge about existing and new products.  Make sure you attend those meetings to be on top of your game when selling them.  It will also help you to learn new skills.

Once you know the products you need to start finding potential customers or leads for them.  In order to keep making money you need to keep finding leads.  Social Media is a great way to do this along with purchasing ad space online or offline.  Cold calling is a poor way as most people can’t sell over the phone but it is an option for those good sellers out there.  Be careful of state laws before proceeding with that option.

Once you get your customers, make sure you build ways to stay in touch with them to create follow ups and new purchases.  Most businesses have shown that the best purchases are from existing customers as they already have built a trust with us.  You can use online mailing list and auto-responder software to help you with these tasks.

In Closing

Lastly, make sure you always ALWAYS have a sales pitch / script ready to go at all times.  You never know when, online or offline, you will have the chance to make a sale.

We hope that this basic outline for starting a Network Marketing Company can help you to avoid any mistakes that we made long ago.