About Us

Spirit Feathers is all about that Network Marketing and Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Lifestyle where we get to work when we want, how we want, and where we want!

It all started, what seems like yesterday, just after New Years Day in 2009.  My team and I needed a change in life.  We had been an online web design and marketing company for almost 4 years and we were not happy.  Where we had a passion for what we did, we found making a successful living from it to be difficult.  We were scraping along and paying the bills on time but we were not finding the life of paradise where we were actually getting paid what we deserved.


Network Marketing

Being an online marketing company, we had heard about this Network Marketing and we knew a little to network marketingknow we did not want to try it.  We were great at making amazing websites that generated business but we were not the best at selling another company’s products.  It was not that we could not sell them it was that we were experts at something else; so why waste the time?

Taking us back to the beginning of this where New Years Day had hit, it was a time around the world where people assess their lives, their careers, and their happiness to see if new routines are necessary.  For us, a new routine was more than necessary so we were willing to try anything… anything.  One of our lead developers had brought up the idea of trying the online sales e-commerce game and that snowballed into one of our designers mentioning the idea of Network Marketing.  With that, we decided to do more research and figured, what else do we have to lose?

After more detailed research we jumped into the companies that were out there, their reputation, their products, and anything else we could figure out.  With free tools like Google, we were able to easily find most of the information we needed to feel confident with going into the MLM game.  Being it would be our responsibility to sell and pitch the company’s product, we wanted to make sure it was something we could support morally and legally.  Finding reviews about products and companies made it a lot easier for us to see the truth in them.  We only got involved with companies and products that we would hire or use ourselves.

We already knew how to rank websites online to generate money so why would it be any different for us to just rank a website for someone else’s products?  It wasn’t.  We were able to start ranking products and selling goods online.  It started growing and by the time we knew it, we were able to start working wherever we want to work, whenever we wanted to work, and for how long we wanted to work.  It was so amazing to be behind a product we supported while being passionate about our work and being able to make an actual career out of doing it.

Here’s a great video from the MLM great Eric Worre talking about the MLM lifestyle.