In most cases people are searching or using network marketing because it is a flexible business opportunity that can be done for any amount of time.  A lot of people use it for part-time work or side income.  Where you may not know what Network Marketing or MLM means, we bet you will know exactly what it is once we mention some of the biggest Network Marketing companies in the world.

Perhaps you have heard of Mary Kay, Avon, or have been invited to a Tupperware Party?  These are Network Marketing Companies where they have products and you sell them for them; whenever you want, wherever you want, and however you want.  A lot of people, in this time of technology, choose to do it online or through e-commerce websites where others are natural salesmen or saleswomen and prefer to do it person.  Others have even chosen to do cold calling on the phone.  Whatever it is you are comfortable with is how you can sell their products; one of the biggest appeals to people selling as Network Marketers.

Startup Costs

Programs for Network Marketing usually have a small cost to get you started (usually through purchasing some of the products to sell them).  Usually you get a product sample kit to start to help get you going.  This has now given you the chance to directly sell any products to anyone; friends, family, or strangers online or offline.

A lot of these companies will also compensate you for recruiting other sales people to work with you.  You are the mentor to a team that you have recruited and personally trained. Not only do you get paid to bring them on to the team but you continue to get paid every time one of them makes a sale.  It is a great way to ensure that everyone is happy, passionate, and ready for the job.  It also helps make sure that everyone is being well educated and trained because the more success of everyone, the more everyone gets paid.

Is It A Pyramid Scheme?

A lot of people think that this sounds like a pyramid scheme, which is illegal, but it is a sticky definition that usually caters to other, actually illegal, systems.  In this case, it is just an incentive to show people the benefits of working for themselves and ensuring proper education on products.

With all of the new and old network marketing and multi level marketing companies out there, you will want to do your own online research about them before investing any money in them.  Obviously, large popular ones like Mary Kay will have a ton of reviews for you to make your own decision where new companies will prove more difficult to find reviews.  We suggest not taking the risk on a new company until you are comfortable in the network marketing world after a year or two.  By then you will be able to discover what risks are worth it, which ones are not worth it, and which ones may be illegal and need reported to proper authorities.

Here’s a cute video about Pyramid Schemes in the MLM world…

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