Recruiting new members into Network Marketing is not as hard as it might sound.  Asking people if they would like to run their life the way they want on the schedule that they want is like asking if you want extra money back on your taxes.  You have the chance to build a team of individuals that are their own boss but work together to live a life of independence.  Just like you were recruited into the MLM system, you will do so for others to ensure your success.

You have to always be on the look out online and offline for the opportunity to recruit a new prospect.  The key is to make sure these candidates are going to be valuable to your team.  Finding people that are personable and a naturally good salesperson will help you build a team of success.  Making sure that they are a team player and someone that can be committed to a cause will make sure that they cooperate with you and help build towards your team’s success.

Having a great mentor helped get you where you are so you need to make sure you are an amazing mentor for the recruits you bring on to your team.  This may be a time commitment and take several weeks but the return on it will prove otherwise.  With the right recruiting and mentoring, you will create a team of awesome that will help make you more money.  Remember, mentors make money every time their recruits make money.  In order for your recruits to make money, you need to train them well and give them the right direction with their skill set.  You need to be an amazing teacher.  Spend as much time as necessary to ensure your team ‘gets it’ to make sure you are producing a well knowledge d and product educated team

Give out commissions to your recruits to help compensate them and keep them motivated.  Make sure you are giving out great commissions to make everyone happy.  An incentive to sell and more money in their pocket will definitely help motivate anyone to get more sales. 

Watch this video when you have some time from Eric Worre on how to recruit 20 people in 30 days.  This will give your business a HUGE start!

Do not be afraid to consult with other businesses or other MLM’ers to see what may or may not be working for them.  You are responsible for everything associated with the business including its success and failure.  You need to be updated on the laws and taxes with running a business and also make sure to hire any necessary professionals like lawyers or accountants.

Utilizing other professionals in the same line of work is a great way to build relationships and share information.  You can learn anything from each other just as you have with your mentors and other recruits.  Sometimes you may even discover new techniques for recruiting new prospects.  The best knowledge that Spirit Feathers has ever gained was in concern to taxes and how to properly ensure we were within all legal boundaries.  Sometimes it is the simple paperwork that can be confusing even if the business is doing well.

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