Sometime you hear it called Network Marketing and other times you will hear it called Multi Level Marketing (MLM) but it is the same thing.  They are both business models where individuals or independent contractors earn commission after buying into a company where they sell products that the company has created.  It gives individuals the ability to work their own schedule and be their own boss.  This means they can set their own hours and work towards their own success instead of relying on their boss or someone else to do that for them.  

It does take a giant commitment and is not for everyone but, if done correctly, can prove to be a lucrative career.

If you are wanting to get involved in an MLM or Network Marketing type of career, make sure to do your due diligence when investigating companies to join.  Remember, you are buying into the company in order to sell THEIR products.  Make sure it is worth your time.  The key to your success is picking the right network marketing company to join.  

Do Your Research

Doing online research and looking for reviews about the company can be your best asset.

do your investigation

If you need, just Google search your exact question and the company name to see if someone else has already asked it.  Chances are, if the company is worth your time, any question you can think of has already been asked and answered online.  With new companies it is difficult to tell if it is trustworthy or not since it is still in its infancy stages where, obviously, older companies should have a lot of reviews and information already available.  

If it is an MLM just starting out, you are taking a risk and should be utilizing your knowledge and skills in network marketing to make that decision ergo you should have some experience under your belt before moving forward.  In other words, make sure you are comfortable with the network marketing idea and have worked for a few safe, no risk companies before taking a risk like a new company.

You can look into the company’s sales online and see if they are rising or falling to also help give you a review of what to expect.  

Online research like simply googling the company name + reviews should help you figure out what type of reputation they have.  People love to give their opinion about stuff so look for blogs and YouTube videos with people talking about their personal experience with the network marketing company.  This will help you figure out if it is suspicious or not.

With any popular company, you can quickly find the CEO and other leaders within the company online along with their personal reputation.  You can also see if they are law abiding citizens and stand up characters in their community.  Seeing if the leaders of the company have been involved in any scams or if they have had any illegal happenings within their lives.

Easy but time consuming research is all that it takes to see if an MLM or Network Marketing Company is the right play for yourself.

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