Recruiting new members into Network Marketing is not as hard as it might sound.  Asking people if they would like to run their life the way they want on the schedule that they want is like asking if you want extra money back on your taxes.  You have the chance to build a team of individuals that are their own boss but work together to live a life of independence.  Just like you were recruited into the MLM system, you will do so for others to ensure your success.

You have to always be on the look out online and offline for the opportunity to recruit a new prospect.  The key is to make sure these candidates are going to be valuable to your team.  Finding people that are personable and a naturally good salesperson will help you build a team of success.  Making sure that they are a team player and someone that can be committed to a cause will make sure that they cooperate with you and help build towards your team’s success.

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Sometime you hear it called Network Marketing and other times you will hear it called Multi Level Marketing (MLM) but it is the same thing.  They are both business models where individuals or independent contractors earn commission after buying into a company where they sell products that the company has created.  It gives individuals the ability to work their own schedule and be their own boss.  This means they can set their own hours and work towards their own success instead of relying on their boss or someone else to do that for them.  

It does take a giant commitment and is not for everyone but, if done correctly, can prove to be a lucrative career.

If you are wanting to get involved in an MLM or Network Marketing type of career, make sure to do your due diligence when investigating companies to join.  Remember, you are buying into the company in order to sell THEIR products.  Make sure it is worth your time.  The key to your success is picking the right network marketing company to join.  

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